I have been blinded by the anger i felt towards him.. I really hate how I felt that day. I don't want to hear his lame excuses anymore. I don't want to see his face in front of me. I don't wanna hear his voice. I don't even want to remember the day i first met him. I want him out of my life. I want him out of my dreams. I hate him so much... This is what my brain keeps telling me. To escape from the unbearable sorrows. But why can't i even dare to turn my back on him. The more i try to stop myself from loving him, the more it drives me crazy. Is this healthy? of course not.

I decided to end up everything. I chose my pride. I admit, I'm so selfish. I'm just trying to satisfy myself that i don't need him in order to exist. But I end up waking up one day that I'm totally wrong. The love i felt for him never faded. After all this time, I never stopped loving him. I just stop letting it show.

It hurts waking up every morning missing the person you value most in your life. This is the result of my my insecurities. My immaturity. These mistakes taught me how to value not just the persons close to my heart but to my own self as well.

I'll better fix these broken pieces of my heart as soon as possible because I don't want to wake up one day with nothing left in me.

"All I want is for one guy to prove to me that they're all not the same."

So simple yet so bizarre!


I had these crazy Halloween activities together with some of the Pylonites... We took pictures of ourselves acting as if there's something strange happening around us... We let some of us act as ghost while we pose for the picture takings... but guess what? We really had a spine-chilling experience as we all come across with our pictures..

We are not scared... we are just having fun! waaahh!!!
But isn't it a spooky experience... Wanna join?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friend for helping me in editing the lay-out of my blog... She's so thoughtful... and kind.. washishi.... Her name is janjie... tnx janj.... im encouraging u to visit her blog and be inspired with her creative writings..... (spin101.blogspot.com)

A blessed Halloween to all!

9:36 PM

This is my first post. Well, maybe im just in my mood… hhmm… or maybe this time, i just want to express what i really feel or it’s just me..
Here it goes...
About my life… In our family, im the youngest.. I only have 1 sibling but he is not with us right now. He is in the other side of the world.. He is a seaman.. The last time he went home was last February.. He is still single.. but presently has a GF..
i already missed him so much.. i missed our good times together.. " sigh!" enough about him coz it will just make me cry. T_T

I am just a typical type of girl.. i grew up with a simple life… So simple that it really reflects my personality. Im just a simple person.. a simple daughter, simple friend, simple classmate and a simple lover.. but im the type of person who’s mood is soooooooooooo unpredictable. i don’t know why.. bsta mao na xa… but i am adorably sweet.. As a daughter, im more open with my mother bout personal things..

PASAWAY lang jd ko at times.. but its ok.. i can manage.. ahehehe… i seldom have arguments with my mom.. i really appreciate her being so supportive.. i don’t want to disappoint her again again and again…
this is my secret para it's not that painful in my port kung mangasaba c mama nko.. if magstart na gani kasaba c mama, first, i’ll listen..
then if ever na makabantay ko na nagbalik2x na iya gipangsulti, ako xa ingnon na gabalik2x iya gipangsturya.. den i cant control myself, maktawa man jd ko.. den mukatawa lamang pd c mama..humana… ok na mi.. den i’ll force her to kiss me.. sa chicks.. sa forehead.. Kiss pd xa..den ill hug her, or i’ll let her hug me.. kanang lami nga hug.. kanang tight au bah! hehe.. Our relationship with each other is very strong .. Sabay au c mama.. And she is so kind.. I love her so much..
With my father, magkasinabot mi bout sa food… pilian mi pareho ug food.. hehe.. my relationship with him is ok.. he is also supportive.. i appreciated his being so generous. pwmiz... as in! well, i also love this man so much..

with my kuya, were not that close in our childhood days.. we became closer during his college years.. and that was during my high school years.. hhmm… i love my kuya so much.. he is the best.. murag nagka.close mi since cla nah ni ate Elaine.. Her Gf.. BSta kaon Go ni xa.. pareha mi duha.. bout laag, sumtyms, they let me go with them.... i cant 4get those days na nangaligo mi sa tejeros..
kami lang 3.. we had the chanz to bond on that day.. and those billiards moments in barefoot.. bsan dli ko kbalo kaau mu. billiards.. gow japon.. hehe..
i really had so much fun when im with them .. kuya is a movie addict,, i always got the chance to watch my favorite movies.. tnx kuya.. palitan man ko niya dvds sah ako favorite movies... ahmm.. cartoons ako favorite.. hehe..

about friendship, I have one bestfriend.. Her name is Leah H. Alejandria.. Bes, special mention au ka hah... labshu bes... We've been together since our elementary years... Unfortunately, we enrolled in different universities during our college years... But im glad that we still keep in touch until now.. she already earned a degree this year.. Im proud that she is now a Registered Nurse...
I also have friends i considered as EXTREMELY EXTRAORDINARY.... They are the pylonites.. they are my team... we shared a lot of good times and bad times that is worth dying for... The relationship that has been created in our team is indeed PRICELESS.. I thank you guys because you are one of the reason why my life existed...

About love… I already got this emo feeling that I’m starting to hate love… But maybe it's only temporary.. Im unpredictable remember? I’ll just justify about what I really mean about this…. I’ll just post it… So, enjoy reading guys…. Have a great time…